Russia captured Ukraine’s Bakhmut

A violent war has been going on between Ukraine and Russia for the last several days, and during this war, Ukraine has suffered a lot of losses and has also had to face many problems during this war. Although There was a lot of effort to create a peaceful atmosphere between the two countries, neither of them tried to create a peaceful atmosphere, and both of them kept on carrying forward their violent tendencies. I told Russia to stop this war so that it doesn’t suffer too much and our country doesn’t have to suffer a lot, but Russia never agreed.

After this, for the last year, Russia and Ukraine have continuously become giant enemies of each other, and where there is no lack of military powers, Ukraine does not have such an army club, so there is a lot to help Ukraine. In front of all the countries, he has been seen continuously supporting various, although India still needs to extend its hand on behalf of any country. Still, big countries like Britain have been on the side of Ukraine, and Britain has continuously supported Ukraine. He has been seen getting ready for war and explaining his policies to Ukraine.

The middle war between the two countries continues for 365 consecutive days.

One year has passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine, and even after one year, the war is going on in the same way; within this one year, both countries have lost a lot; they have lost many of their innocent lives, they have lost a lot of armies. They are also prepared, as they have lost their soldiers there. Russia is now continuously occupying it from place to place, and on Sunday, they occupied another area there, after which Ukraine said That everything had been ruined there. Still, nothing is left now, and if he has gone there, his condition seems to be worsening.

Russia is considered a massive power in the world, but still, it is waging this war with Ukraine, and if it continues like this, then one day, Russia can ruin the whole of Ukraine because Ukraine does not have enough money to fight the war. There will not be so many achievements, and if he does not have weapons in the proper form, then he will never be able to face a big country like Russia, although based on the way other countries have helped Ukraine so far, now Stands up till now and has been seen protecting his country. However, Ukraine has not backed down yet despite being occupied by many areas, and he is seen continuously fighting for his country’s security.

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