Russia fires missiles at Ukraine

The incident has basically reported a lot of injuries. The Missile reportedly was launched against a big industry building according to internal forces. Loud explosions could be experienced near Kyiv. It has been for the ninth time that such an attack has been launched against Ukraine by Russia. This attack was carried forward with the help of newly supplied Western weapons that have been developed by Russia in collaboration with other developed countries such as France and the United States of America. The waste and all the debris has fallen down upon two districts of Ukraine. The heated material was responsible for causing a huge fire at the garage complex in one of these districts. In order to retaliate against this attack, Ukraine had also shot down two drones of Russia.

There was a continuous firing in Ukraine from 9:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. the next morning. Russian forces have also been responsible for launching strategic bombers from the Caspian region and even firing missiles such as X101 and X55. This has been one of the largest attacks by Russia on the territory of Ukraine. These missiles are hypersonic in nature. The President of Russia is using these missiles for the best advantage in order to destroy Ukraine and establish Supremacy across the country. The Government of Ukraine is not equipped to handle these high technological weapons. It is difficult to stop the weapons due to the high speed and velocity. The ground fighting is largely deadlocked for the time being because the front line between the countries has been sealed. That is why both of the countries are targeting the territory with the help of long range weapons but the Russian weapons are much more sophisticated and developed as compared to the weapons of Ukraine.

The Government of Ukraine has expressed its disgust upon all the recent attacks which have been launched by Russia. This is in complete violation of the code which has been enforced by the United Nations for peace and harmony. The political and military intervention has increased in Ukraine ever since the time Russia launched its first missile. Ukraine has decided to teach Russia a lesson by derailing the eight coaches and excluding each of the trains with the help of exclusive bombs. Many countries are trying to convince Russia to give up all of these activities as soon as possible. It is only with the help of these measures that it is possible to find better methods in order to install peace and harmony in both the countries so that this civilians could focus on their personal development instead of saving their own life.

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