Samsung’s most recent Good Lock module makes an effort to improve WeTransfer

For practically all Galaxy smartphone customers, Samsung Good Lock is a necessary app because it makes functions that aren’t normally available by default available. Over the past few years, the business has added countless Good Lock modules, often handing them out after the yearly One UI software update. DropShip, a file transfer program that can send files to nearly any device, including Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, and even your laptop, is the newest module that Samsung is making available to Good Lock users.
It’s important to note that DropShip isn’t as quick as some of the current options, such as Google’s Nearby Share for Android and ChromeOS or Samsung’s Quick Share. This is because it doesn’t establish local connections through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; rather, imagine it as a slicker web transfer service (if you’ve used a service like WeTransfer, this will sound familiar to you). According to Sam Mobile, the service is only now offered in South Korea, but we anticipate that it will become more broadly accessible in the coming weeks.
Users of the Samsung Community forum were the first to learn about DropShip’s availability and operation. Simple file transfers can be started by choosing the files to transmit, after which the app will generate a shared link and a QR code that people can scan to start a download. Additionally, users have the choice to establish a timer for the file share’s expiration for security reasons. DropShip allows you to access files from a variety of cloud storage services, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, and more, in addition to transmitting files from your Samsung smartphone.
The author of the forum post asserts that some users have also been successful in getting the feature to work with One UI 4.1 devices, despite the fact that it was first thought that DropShip would only be compatible with Samsung devices running One UI 5.0 (Android 13). However, compatibility might only be available with more expensive Galaxy smartphones and tablets, thus excluding Samsung’s wide range of entry-level and mid-range products.
Users of DropShip must sign in using their Samsung accounts and are subject to a daily file transfer cap of 5GB per user. Users can transmit files to virtually anyone, subject to some of the restrictions we’ve stated above, without the recipient needing a Samsung account.
However, for a free file transfer service, it’s not too bad (unless you count the cost of buying a Samsung phone).

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