Shahid Kapoor did not understand the concept of film marriage

The film Vivah is considered to be the most prominent film of Bollywood because this film is dependent on Indian culture and it is written about how marriages take place within Indian culture and the manner in which marriages are done according to the customs of Indian culture. Got a lot of attention and the director of this film signed Amrita Singh and Shahid Kapoor because both of them were the rising stars of Bollywood at that time and the film director liked both of them very much, after which both of them were cast in the film. He considered it right and was very happy with the acting of both of them, after which both of them also got a chance to work in this film.

However, when the shooting of this film started, Shahid Kapoor could not understand the concept of this film at all and he said that this film was completely new to him, he was looking at this film in a completely new way and the way He started doing this film, after that slowly he started understanding the concept of this film, when he heard the script of this film for the first time, he was stunned because nothing in this film was like what he used to hear. This film was dependent on the entire Indian culture and the way it is spoken inside the Indian culture, the way the customs are followed, it was completely followed inside this film.

When Shahid Kapoor was asked to use the word water for the first time, he said that it was the first time he heard that water is called water.

When Shahid Kapoor was first written in the script to use the word Jal liye inside the film, he was surprised to hear this word because he did not know the meaning of this word at all and he could not use this word at all. Hadn’t heard of this word before however when he heard this word he started thinking exactly what this word is called then when he was told that water is called water he started laughing to himself and he said He had never heard this before and many such words were used in this film which Shahid Kapoor did not even know about.

When the shooting of this film was completed, this film was very good later and the film performed very well at the box office, although both the stars of the film worked hard, the film director and the production of the film also very much.

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