Some Common Reasons For Not Getting Good Sleep

A certain amount of sleep is needed by a person to remain healthy. It is as important as a balanced diet and daily exercise. It has many benefits such as better energy levels, better mental health, lowered risk of chronic diseases, and whatnot.

But due to different reasons, it is possible that you may not be able to take the needed amount or standard of sleep. Lack of complete sleep can cause frustration. Let’s check out why you may not be able to get a good sleep:
Here Are 10 Reasons For A Bad Sleep Cycle
1. Lack Of Sleep Schedule
Maintaining an appropriate routine is very important for a healthy life and a healthy mind. Create a schedule and sleep according to it. Your body’s natural sleep schedule will be disturbed if you sleep and wake up at different times everyday, and will make it more difficult to have a proper night’s sleep.
2. Your Room Is Too Bright
A lamp, a nightstand clock, and even a window with enough light may disturb your sleep. To get better light management, switch off all the devices inside your bedroom. Hang some blinds or room-darkening drapes. Lessening the use of your phone and other such devices as the light they develop can obstruct your ability to have a good sleep.
3. Working Out Before bed
There is no doubt that workout makes for a healthier lifestyle. Although, it can boost our heart rate. This can also disturb your sleep. In place of exercising in the evening, try to do it in the morning. Because exercising in evening is also a reason you are not getting a good sleep.
4. Consuming Caffeine In Night
If you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, too much caffeine may wake you up all night. Half of the caffeine present in your body can take approx. 6 hours to be removed from our system. Consuming enough caffeine can make you feel relaxed and sleepy, but it won’t actually put you to sleep.

5. Poor Mental Health
Sleeping is often slowed down by depression. It affects more women than men. Even If the depressed people sleep more than usual, their standard of sleep remains poor. Similarly, anxiety, stress and other mental problems may decrease the standard of your sleep.

Always keep in mind the above reasons if you are unable to get good sleep. Changing or Improving these factors may provide you some help in getting better sleep at night and can enhance your overall Health.

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