Temples collapses in Shimla

A shocking kind of incident has taken place in Shimla because the amount of rainfall you just being received by the city has been much beyond the level of Calculation and even though Indian metrological department was not in the position to predict such a amount of heavy rainfall this time and sense the amount of rainfall has been increasing beyond the greatest possibly extent it becomes extremely 11 to understand that something has to be done order to control all of this because if it is not confirt for the time being automatically the level of the problem which people have to face over the time will increase and already a lot of tragedy has been experienced by the state of Himachal Pradesh in the last few days and this will continue to increase if proper majors are not taken by the government in this regard. Disaster management is one of the most important concept which the government is always without this particular level of education it will not be easy for the people to understand sudarthi completely no and have the skin to manage everything easily over the time without any kind of failure but it is something which is not comprehensible and it has to be only available with the help of experience

People are not even considering the situation at length and adequate amount of major will come into being Kundi when this amount of subjective given the gravity that it has been asking for but when it comes to getting a proper solution to multiple issues then the people must get things in advance and the way in which they must understand that it becomes important to regulate all of this as soon as possible and without this kind of information it will not be easier for them to regulate what becomes at this point of time. Produces no less often exception to a lot of people because the state of Himachal Pradesh has been able to teach people the power of resistance and how mother earth has been benevolent over the state but the way in which the Strategies and the calimities have been happening one after the other the situation is completely be on the control of the humans and a lot of people have died in the recent incident of collapse of the temple and this incident was something which was not even predicted because the rain and the no kind of warning with issue to the people before

Since people did not even have access to warning stick could not take any kind of major to prevent the loss of life and property and they had to get subsided by all of this and the basically had no other way out. It becomes necessary to find out the reason behind all of these activities and also declare a kind of solution which has to be monitor over the period of time without any kind of failure but people feel definitely they own time and will not entity kind of activity which is difficult to understand. What will comes essential at this particular movement is to find out this reality can be understood only when it is going to get beneficial over the time but this is something which has to be taken into account and the V in which it has to be understood over the time. Man of the person has been able to airport any kind of measurement in this regard but it is with the help of time that people will get to know the reality behind all of this concept and the way in which things can be monitor easily over the time

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