Terror strikes the Kashmir Valley once again

The level of terrorism has increased in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The entire area is covered by different types of terror organisations and all of them are responsible for increasing bombing activities in the region in order to affect the peace and order and create fear among the citizens. It is important to note that during the past year many different types of strikes were organised in order to disrupt the general life of the people. According to the latest attack a total of 12 security personal have been killed and this is a huge loss for the country as a whole because all of these security persons are responsible for the protection of the borders especially along the side of Jammu and Kashmir and such a plight out of them is not expected over the period of time.

It is important to understand that after analysing the data for the past 6 months the situation has become very worse and it has also resulted in the model of around 75 civilians along the mountain range. It is important to note that security has been increased across the regions of Poonch and Rajouri. Not only this but also the Paramilitary forces have also been ordered to reach Jammu and Kashmir for the protection of the people because the situation is beyond control for the time being.

This emergency meeting will include all the important dignitaries so that a decision is taken. The decision will be helpful to bring about a substantial change in the Governance of the city for the time being because it has become difficult for the people to stay safe. It is only with the help of these factors that the people can get the required confidence to understand how the city functions and also get an idea about the basic necessity of life so that they can think of better security for the people over a period of time. But the government has released an official notification that the workplaces will not be shut down once again and people can Resume their daily activities because all the checkpoints have been checked and no threat is reported for the time being.

It is only with the help of these measures that the people can get back to their normal life as soon as possible because there is technically no point in complicating the situation to a great extent. It is only with the help of these factors that a substantial change can be introduced in the daily life of all the people there. The government has decided to take regular updates from the government entities. This week definitely helps to introduce better changes over the period of time. But the record has been very shocking. This will try to improve the availability of work over the period of time

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