The expectation of relief in the relief camp run by the Rajasthan government, many benefits will reach the people

There is still some time left for the elections. Still, the government of Rajasthan has become fully alert to this, and it wants that there should be no harm to it in the coming elections. In the coming elections, the people of Rajasthan should elect him and make him the Chief Minister again. Help them fully in forming or in forming their government. There is a Congress government in Rajasthan, and the Congress wants the dominance of the Congress to remain in Rajasthan. For this, it is making many efforts. He has come after implementing the announcements made within the budget, so he has made full preparations to start a relief camp to implement them.
The relief camp is to start on 24th April, in which all the ten complete schemes of the Rajasthan government and how the public will be benefited will be given complete information about them and fully supported. They got the complete facility which the Government of Rajasthan announced, there are many facilities inside it, in which the electricity bill comes up to 100 units, they will get electricity free, but those who come more than 100 units then will have to pay the electricity bill in full. The unit will cost them ₹ 3. Now it has to be seen how many people the scheme launched by the Rajasthan government reaches and how people take advantage of it.
More than ten schemes benefit from this relief camp, and Only you need Jan’s Aadhaar card.
Rajasthan Chief Minister has given ten schemes, Chief Minister Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme, Indira Gandhi Urban, Guaranteed Employment Scheme, Social Security Pension Scheme, Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Accident Scheme. If you have to register under all these schemes If so, for that, only you have to carry a Jan Aadhaar card. You will be registered for any scheme with a Jan Aadhaar card. If you have to get a gas connection or to take advantage of the gas-related scheme, you will have to have a Jan Aadhaar card as well as the name of the gas agency and the name of the gas agency. Have to tell the number of

The Rajasthan government has also announced a very good scheme for the farmers of Rajasthan. This scheme is named Rajasthan Kisan Yojana or Krishi Yojana. In this, they have told that for the farmers who get 2000 units per month electricity bill. The bill will be free under the Rajasthan government’s gas cylinder scheme, whose cylinder used to cost ₹ 1100 earlier. Now only ₹ 500 will be given to the residents of Rajasthan for that gas cylinder.

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