The Windows 11 Photos app now integrates with iCloud Photos, thanks to Microsoft

The 11th of November, Washington (US): The iCloud Photos integration upgrade for Microsoft’s Windows 11 Photos app has begun to be released.
GSM Arena reports that a new version of the Photos app is available on the Microsoft Store that includes this new functionality. The iCloud for Windows software must also be downloaded and used to log in by users.
Through this capability, a user’s entire iCloud Photos library is virtually transferred to their PC. Service subscribers should be using their Windows 11 PC to:
being able to access the pictures and videos they took and posted from their Mac, iPad, and iPhone gadgets. By the end of this month, the capability will be made available to all Windows IT customers. Windows 10, which has the older Photos app, does not have it.
The Apple Music app for Xbox has now been made available on the Microsoft Store by Apple. Along with a new Apple TV software, the business will also release this app for Windows. GSM Arena stated that these should show out in 2023.
Microsoft released an upgrade plan for WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android) last month, confirming that Android 13 is supported Windows II is approaching.
The so-called WSA was presented by Microsoft with Windows 11, claims GSM Arena, with the goal of further merging the two operating systems.
Microsoft said during its Surface event on Wednesday that users of Windows will be able to download native apps for Apple Music and Apple TV, and that Windows 11 will also incorporate iCloud Photos.
Following the announcement that Apple Music is now accessible on Xbox, Microsoft has revealed additional Windows connectivity.
The apps were announced at the company’s Surface event in October and were expected to launch in 2023 on the Microsoft Store. According to rumors, beta releases will soon be available on the store.
It’s a big move for Apple, and the Apple TV app in particular. The app can be a portal to a huge variety of channels and services in addition to being the means to watch Apple TV+.
As a result, it might become a frequently used media player. Until recently, the only way for PC users to access Apple TV+ was through the website, which played only content from Apple TV+.

Although there is an iTunes for Windows, access to Apple Music has primarily been through the company’s website.
Additionally, Microsoft revealed that the Windows 11 Photo program would work with Apple’s iCloud Photo collection. Windows users will be able to browse their iPhone images straight on the PC, though it is unclear if they will be able to use iCloud Photo Sharing.

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