This city in the United States has elected its first Sikh mayor.

Mikey Hothi was sworn in as the first Sikh mayor of a California city after getting the keys to Lodi. Hothi was overwhelmingly chosen as the city’s 117th mayor on Wednesday, receiving a standing ovation from his colleagues.
Hothi will be the city’s mayor for two years. He will preside over Common Council sessions and act as the city’s executive officer.
He formerly served as deputy mayor of the fifth council district. Councilwoman Lisa Craig backed the newly-elected mayor for the position.
Following the oath-taking ceremony, Hothi rushed to Twitter to receive the congratulations.
“I am delighted to be sworn in as the 117th Mayor of Lodi,” Hothi wrote on Twitter.
I am delighted to be sworn in as the 117th Mayor of Lodi. Mikey Hothi (@mikey hothi) December 23rd, 2022
Hothi told a local news station about his family’s journey to Lodi and how grateful he was to be a part of the community.
“Everyone relocated to Lodi because it was a secure family community. This neighbourhood has a fantastic school, amazing people, a fantastic culture, fantastic values, and generally industrious people. I’m just honoured to be our village’s next mayor “According to, Hothi stated.
“Our experience is similar to that of the prior Hispanic community, the Greek community, and the Germans,” he went on to say.
Hothi’s family are from Punjab, a northern Indian region. Per the recently elected mayor, the family not only survived, but thrived in Lodi.
Hothi graduated from Tokay High School in 2008 and has encountered discrimination, especially since 9/11, when Muslims and Sikhs were frequently harassed.
Lodi is a city in San Joaquin County, California, with a population of 67,021 people, according to census statistics.

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