This nation will grant you a 10 year “second home” visa.

In an effort to entice wealthy visitors to the country of SouthEast Asia for a protracted stay, Indonesia is providing “second home” visas. The visas are valid for stays in Bali, which is the top tourist destination in the nation, for periods of five and ten years.

The introduction of the visa programme coincides with an increase in tourist arrivals to Indonesia. Additionally, it happens to coincide with the G-20 Summit in Bali, which is expected to draw tens of thousands of participants to the tropical island noted for its beaches, forests, and world-class hotels and resorts, in November.

According to a new legislation published on Tuesday, the nation is providing “second home” visas for five and ten years to persons with at least 2 billion rupiah ($130,000 or 1 crore) in their bank accounts. The new rule becomes operative 60 days after it is published, or on Christmas.

Indonesia joins a list of nations from Costa Rica to Mexico that allow long-term visits in an effort to entice professionals, pensioners, and other wealthy individuals. All are attempting to capitalise on the rising demand for relocating choices as hordes of educated workers known as digital nomads look to continue working remotely using their newly found freedom following the pandemic.

Ekatjahjana reportedly said at the time, “This special visa will be provided to billionaires, the world’s wealthiest, and investors to encourage the growth of investment in Indonesia, those who plan to remain longer in Indonesia,” according to Indonesian news site Tempo.

As international flights by carriers like Garuda Indonesia have resumed, there has been a substantial uptick in visitor arrivals to Indonesia at the same time as the launch. In addition to drawing tens of thousands of attendees, the upcoming G-20 Summit in Bali in November is anticipated to bring attention to the island on a global scale.

You Can Easily Apply

Four documents must be submitted by anyone who want to participate in the programme. The written statement from Immigration states that candidates must provide proof of funds, a passport that is valid for at least 36 months, a recent colour photo, and a curriculum vitae.

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