This week, there was a heavy fall in gold, silver, and the stock market, and many lost lakhs of rupees.

The share market prices and gold and silver keep increasing and decreasing continuously, and they maintain the demand of the share market continuously. In contrast, the prices of gold and silver sometimes become very high and sometimes decrease; this general public Sometimes creates difficulties for them. The prices of gold have been increasing continuously for some time, whereas this week, this price has been seen as very low, and the price of silver has also been seen as very low this time, and it is expected that in the coming times, it will be a little lower. It can appear to be happening.

The rate of gold at present is Rs 60142, and this rate is for 24-carat gold, while if we talk about 23-carat gold, then its price is ₹ 59000, and if we talk about 22-carat gold, then its price is ₹ 57000, and 18 carats. The price of gold is currently around ₹ 45000, so there has been a huge fall in the price of gold because the price of gold was fully expected to be out of 64000 in the stock market only last month, and this price is still expected to come down. It is being said that now the thing to be seen will be how much these prices decrease this week or appear to be increasing.

There was also a huge fall of 1500 in the price of silver.

Talking about the price of 1 gram of silver, there is a huge fall of 15 hundred rupees. Last month silver was around ₹ 32000, and now it has come to around 17,000. The huge decline of 2000 has happened, and this recession in the stock market indicates that the market is not seeing much growth right now, and the recession of gold is considered a huge decline for the market. People have also said that if this kind of fall happens, it is good for them, but this rate fall in the share market puts people at huge losses.

In the stock market, if the prices of gold and silver fall continuously in this way, then people are very happy about it, although according to the official website of the stock market, it has also been said that there will be a huge rise in the price of gold next week. On the other hand, if the price of silver will not be seen increasing much, but there will be a slight increase in the price of gold, and the way the price of gold will increase, it will be good for everyone, then definitely inside the stock market. For the last few days, people have been constantly trying to invest their money in gold, which can prove to be good news for them.

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