Three troops were killed in a US Army helicopter crash in Alaska.

As per the US military reports, the crash’s reason is unknown; this is under investigation.
In Alaska, two Army helicopters collided and crashed; these were coming from a training flight, one soldier was injured, and three were killed in this incident.
However, near Healy, Alaska, two soldiers died at the spot, and the third troop died on the way to the hospital in Fairbank, as per the army reports on Thursday. One slider was admitted to the hospital and is being treated there.
During the crash, each AH-64 Apache carried two people mentioned by John Pennell, serving as the spokesperson in Alaska US Army.
However, this is an adamant time for the soldier’s families, an incredible loss for them, the division, and their fellow soldiers, stated Major General Brain Eifler, a commanding general of 11 Airborne divisions.
Our condolences and prayers are with the soldiers’ families, loved ones, and friends, and we provide them with the whole army’s resources.
In addition, as per the military reports, the crash’s cause is unknown. Still, we are investigating the reasons behind this crash, and once the investigation completes, the details will be released.
This year this was the second incident in Alaska, including the military helicopter February, a similar incident happened in which two soldiers were injured when a helicopter was rolled after taking off from Talkeetna.
In March, when the Hawk medical evacuation helicopter crashed coming back from the night training exercise, 9 soldiers were killed in this incident in Kentucky.

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