Top Apps To Keep A Tab On Fifa World Cup 2022

As we know, Fifa World Cup 2022 has already begun. The excitement of football fans is on an extreme level. Everyone wants to watch this mega event. But for different reasons, like office hours, academics, traveling, etc., it is impossible for many people to watch it live.

This is the situation where some apps can help you. Through these apps, you may not watch the matches live, but you can track them and can get every update live. These apps will show you live scores, points tables, player and team statistics, etc.
It is the official football app of FIFA. This is a very simple and reliable app to track the tournament. It helps you in tracking your favorite teams as well as provides you with trustworthy news about the teams, players, and fixtures.

The FIFA+ app comes with many other features. You can watch many original contents related to the tournament. You can check live stats as well as team standings. Additionally, they also provided their own fantasy app too.
Another very good app for football fans. This app can also help you track FIFA World Cup 2022 very conveniently, just select football as your favorite sport from the available options. After this, whenever you will open this app it will show you football scores on the top.

This app also allows you to choose your favorite team and it will notify you whenever your team is going to step on the field. Here you can track live scores, statistics, commentary, etc. Audio commentary is also available on this app in different languages.

One of the best apps to track football during FIFA World Cup 2022. You can choose your favorite teams as well as players in the course of an easy signup process. After signup, every news, score, fixture, or injury update about the team/players will be provided to you.

You can also get a widget feature for your android smartphone. You can pin the widget on the home screen and keep yourself updated about your favorite team.

World Football Scores
The most simple and convenient app on this list. It doesn’t ask you to select your favorite player or team. If you want to track the whole tournament without missing any updates, this is the app you are searching for.

You can also enable/disable push notifications for teams of your choice. On the main screen, they had provided dedicated tabs for matches, news, and group tables.

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