Twitter user asks Anand Mahindra when he’ll become the richest person in India

When a Twitter user asks Anand Mahindra when he’ll become the richest person in India, he responds, “never,”
Anand Mahindra received a response to a thank you message he made after reaching 10 million Twitter followers, asking when he will surpass the country’s richest person.
Anand Mahindra, an industrialist, tweets frequently and engages his followers with interesting content. Along with posting inspiring, funny, fascinating, and insightful content, he regularly responds to inquiries from Twitter users. And a lot of the time, his responses win millions of people over. A recent example is his response to a Twitter user who asked him when he will become the richest person in India.
After reaching 10 million Twitter followers a month ago, Anand Mahindra tweeted a thank you message. “My response when I learned of this significant increase in followers. It’s hard to think I have such a big family. (Clearly going against Family Planning recommendations!) I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and believe in me. Let’s keep in touch, “Anand Mahindra posted a GIF while doing so. Did you say 10 million? is the text that appears on the GIF. As a response to the tweet, one Twitter user questioned him: “@anandmahindra, you are now the 73rd wealthiest person in India. When will you take the lead?”
Anand Mahindra, a business magnate, recently responded to this query by writing, “The fact is, I’ll never be the richest person. Because I never wanted this.” The billionaire’s response made them smile and made them laugh.
The tweet has received more than 8,000 likes and many retweets since being posted on December 11. Additionally, the post has received a lot of comments.
“Great brains never just focus on the richest ranks; they also consider our nation and their own contributions to it. We always respect you. Ratan Tata for several factors. Sir, live long and prosper!” a person posted.
“The only thing that matters is your soul, which is the richest thing in the world.
That’s important. Physical wealth is transient and varies over time. Only the integrity of the soul endures “one another said. “Sir,
You already possess the greatest wealth, including the greatest clarity of mind, greatest humanism, greatest regard for others, greatest nationalism, most humility, and so on “remarked the third.

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