Ukraine ready to build good relations with India

Ukraine is very famous at the moment, and Ukraine is becoming more notable because it has been standing in front of Russia regarding its war strategy for the last two years. It is constantly confronting it excellently. It is also visible that due to which he has got a lot of popularity in the whole world, the world is fully supporting him, many big countries of the world are with him, so it is seen that where one After this, a country has come and stood with them, for which he has continuously thanked the Ukrainians and has repeatedly said that he is ready to support the people, he can never say so. He has given full support to them. She will be prepared for them when their country comes to the correct position. She is always ready to help them in the future.

The biggest problem for Ukraine now is Russia, and Russia has surrounded Ukraine. It is constantly attacking it from all sides, and bombs, missiles, and firing are being done there, continuously hurting the Russian soldiers. They are being attacked, but still, Ukraine is not ready to retreat in any way. Ukraine said that it will always fight till its last moments until it completely defeats Russia. Everything is impossible because if it loses, it will be a big problem, and if it fails, it will be considered a fragile country for the time to come. However, in this war with Russia, There has been a lot of loss during this period. When the world war started, they had no idea such a huge problem would arise.

Relations between Russia and India are considered very good.

Relations between Russia and India have been considered very good. The strategy of Russia is being seen in a very different way. It has proved itself in front of everyone in another way. It has just been seen in the way in which it has. After talking about taking over Ukraine, Ukraine became very alert. Ukraine repeatedly said it would not wholly surrender itself to the people when Russia isolated them. After that, he prepared himself for a new country and is trying this method with his new country. He is fully responsible for how he seems to succeed in his new country. He considers himself accountable and is seen making many efforts for himself. Now, he cannot capture Roshan in any way; it will never be possible if he captures others.

Apart from Russia, many countries are considered very close to India. Until now, Russia is considered India’s most intimate friend; it has helped India a lot, and India has helped them. He is prepared, and his constant effort is to make every possible effort to help India; on the other hand, Ukraine has also talked about visiting India, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine has said that he wants to visit India, but The Indian government altogether canceled his visit. He said he could not make a good treaty with any country seen fighting with his friend, although India did not side with any government in this war. He did not support him and constantly told him that the Russians should withdraw from the war as soon as possible.

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