Updated Google Messages now has a new icon and a lot of new features.

Google has announced several new Messages app updates, including Voice Message Transcription, in-line reply, and other enhancements. In addition, the app now has a new icon that adapts to the Material You themes. Unsurprisingly, Google is promoting Rich Communication Services (RCS). The company started supporting RCS in its Messages app in 2018 and has continued to do so ever since.

Over the past few years, as Google has continually pressed Apple to include the service as part of its messaging platform, the push for RCS has taken on the character of a war cry. Google is adding more RCS goodness to Messages as part of its most recent update, along with a number of additional features that will definitely be helpful for its customers.

The company has stressed that its Messaging app is based on the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol, which supports high-resolution images and videos, richer texts, and end-to-end encryption.

Although it hasn’t yet defeated Apple, the business has strived to make interaction between Android and iOS as simple as possible. Emoji reactions from iPhone users were sent through Messages earlier this year. Now, Android users can reply to texts using emojis as well. Reminders will also be a feature of Messages going forward, delivering you notifications on days you might have forgotten about significant occasions to make sure you follow your calendar of activities.

When a link to the service is supplied, users will now be able to watch videos within the chat window thanks to improved integration with YouTube. Users won’t switch between apps as a result, keeping them in chat. Individual responses to certain messages will now be possible in Messages, helping conversations stay more organised. Additionally, it will now prompt users to mark as favourites communications that include important data like addresses, codes, and phone numbers.

To make it easier for users to identify crucial discussions, the Messages app can now propose that users start messages that include texts such as addresses, door codes, and phone numbers. Additionally, by displaying an icon next to texts like “Can you chat now?” The Messages app can identify the texts and offer a Meet call. Texts like “Meet on Monday at 7:00 AM” can be recognised by the system, and it will advise adding the event to the calendar.

Users can download the Google Messages app from the Google Play Store, as well as use it online by going to messages.google.com.

Google revealed that it is testing a service in several nations that would let Google Messages users communicate with companies they are located on Search and Maps. Without leaving the Messages app, you can use this feature to “plan your next trip, snag tickets to the big game, and uncover bargains from your favourite stores,” according to Google. This is intriguing because the main American carriers had formerly intended to use RCS to facilitate connections between customers and companies.

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