Users of Chromebooks may soon have the option to send and preserve screen recordings as GIFs.

Google might soon make it possible for ChromeOS users to send and save screen captures as GIFs. The forthcoming modification was detected in a recently posted code patch, according to a report by 9to5Google. It indicates that the ChromeOS development team is testing the addition of support for GIF recordings. It goes without saying that the capability will make it simpler for ChromeOS users to share their screen captures with others.
Currently, ChromeOS enables screen recordings. In reality, customers have the option to capture either one window or the entire Chromebook screen. Additionally, customers have the option to manually choose the area of the screen they want to capture.
These recordings are kept in the relatively new WebM format on the user’s Chromebook. Additionally, the user finds it challenging to share screen recordings with others because there aren’t many programs that support these files.
The ability to record the screen into an animated GIF image via the native screen capture tool is one of Google’s future features, according to the source. GIFs have been around for a long and are simpler to share than the WebM format.
However, work is still being done on the feature. The feature might be changed somewhat when it is released or the company might decide to do away with it entirely. The information should therefore be regarded with some skepticism.
Google has in the meantime made the ChromeOS 107 upgrade available. By giving developers the right tools, Google hopes to make presentations as convenient and straightforward as possible with the new version. One example is that video conferencing software now include a single button you can press to quickly transition to a tab you want to share with your team without having to make a second click. Also included in ChromeOS 107 is hardware decoding for HEVC. All platforms that support hardware decoding, including Android 5 and higher, macOS 11 and higher, and some ChromeOS and Windows devices, support it. It also includes login passkeys, which take the role of passwords.
For simpler sharing with others, Google is working on an option to store ChromeOS screen captures as animated GIFs.
Since last year, ChromeOS has offered the same straightforward tools and user experience for taking screenshots as for quickly recording your screen. You have the option of recording the entire screen of your Chromebook, a specific window, or a manually-selected area of the display. These recordings are now made in the WebM format, which is made to be space-efficient and optimized for the web. There are apps that do not yet support WebM, though, as it is still a relatively new format. When attempting to share a recording with a friend or relative, this can be especially annoying.
In order to make it simpler for users to share their screen recordings with others, the ChromeOS team is testing the addition of support for GIF recordings, according to a report by 9to5Google.

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