Victim’s Mother Alleges ‘Conspiracy,

Victim’s Mother Alleges ‘Conspiracy,’ Says Friend Nidhi May Be Involved In Kanjhawala Case; Top Developments
Rekha, the deceased’s mother, stated on Tuesday that she does not know Nidhi, who claimed to be Anjali’s acquaintance.
In new charges in the Kanjhawala accident, the victim’s mother claimed that eyewitness comments about Anjali being intoxicated were incorrect. She argued that the crucial witness, Nidhi, who was the victim’s friend, may be part of a “well thought-out scheme”.
Rekha, the deceased’s mother, denied Nidhi’s claim to be Anjali’s friend and stated that she did not know her. The mother questioned why Nidhi fled the scene of the accident if she was Anjali’s friend and demanded that she be prosecuted.
She also sought retribution for the arrested suspects. “The five guys should face punishment,” she stated. The following are the most recent developments in the case: – “Nidhi is saying everything wrong. If Nidhi was my daughter’s friend, why did she abandon her? This is a well-planned plot, and Nidhi might be involved. An investigation should be conducted “She stated. “I’ve never met Nidhi and have never seen her. Anjali never used to drink, and she never came home wasted, and we don’t trust Nidhi’s statements “Rekha said.
Prem, Anjali’s maternal uncle, also suspected Nidhi’s participation in the case and sought a CBI investigation.
“The event should have been reported to the police by Nidhi and her family.”Nidhi should be questioned. She is also involved. We want a CBI investigation into the situation; it is not a minor matter; it is a sad occurrence “He stated.
Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has discovered CCTV footage showing the murdered lady Anjali and her companion, Nidhi, exiting a hotel at roughly 1.30 a.m. on January 1.
According to the hotel manager, the deceased woman Anjali and her friend, named by police as Nidhi, had a disagreement at the hotel before leaving on a scooty. “They were both arguing. When I ordered them not to fight, they walked downstairs and began fighting, following which they both went on a scooty “The hotel manager stated.
While speaking to the media, the Special CP stated that another female was there with the victim at the time of the tragedy. She did, however, leave after the event. She stated that the police now had an eyewitness to the event and that her testimony will be taken down. “She is collaborating with authorities. Section 164 is being used to record her statement. The inquiry is ongoing. It is still in its early stages “The Special CP said.

Anjali, a 20-year-old lady, was murdered in the early hours of the New Year when her scooter was hit by a car and she was carried for 13 kilometres under the vehicle on the city’s highways.

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